Friday, June 17, 2011

Day Two: Locked in a Castle

Hello again!
Today was a very fun day! We went from our hotel in Broadford (Skye), and drove up to Uig (like ooo-wig). That was a beautiful town! While there, we trekked up to a place called Faerie Glen. That place was gorgeous! And full of sheep. We did a lot of hiking around Faerie Glen.

Then we headed over to Dunvegan Castle. It was so pretty, and we got to tour the inside of it, and also the castle gardens.

But, I guess we should have paid more attention to the hours of the castle grounds. We had so much fun in the gardens (in the pouring rain, mind you), and we took so many photos, that we completely lost track of time. And this is what happens when you're not out when they close the castle gates...

But don't worry. To the right, after crawling through some dense trees, we were able to haul Mom over a stone wall, and get ourselves back to our car. We'll definitely pay more attention to the hours of the castles we visit from now on.

We also visited a really old graveyard, and Portree, but it's time for bed. Those photos will just have to wait.

Good night!

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  1. That is hilarious! Looks like a blast! The photos are priceless.