Thursday, June 16, 2011

Scotland Trip Day 1

Hey everyone!
Well, my sisters, Mom and I made it to Scotland today! Even though we're all exhausted from the time change (they're 6 hours ahead of MN), it's been a beautiful trip so far.

The flight from Newark to Glasgow was a bit rough. There was a family with young children who wanted to sit together, so Tami, Cari and I gave up our seats. I ended up sitting between two older gentlemen who liked to take up my space, but they were nice enough. And something was jammed in the earphone plug-in, so I couldn't watch much of anything. Though the gentleman by the window let me watch The Hurt Locker on his screen (with his headphone jack) while he took a nap. I read Water For Elephants for the rest of the flight, and it's pretty good so far!
We landed in Glasgow around 7:40am, and we started driving to the Isle of Skye right away. It's really weird to be driving on the left side of the road.. Tami is our driver.
We got a bit lost trying to get to Fort William. Roundabouts are really awkward here (you go clockwise), and it's pretty easy to miss your exit. But, there was some REALLY pretty scenery to look at while we were driving in circles.

 We stopped at a castle on the way to Skye. We'll stop by it again tomorrow, but we took some photos just in case it's pouring rain tomorrow. This is Eilean Donan Castle.
I know, we're out of focus, but we'll try again tomorrow, when I can dig out my tripod and do the focusing myself. Anyway, it's really pretty!
And now, we're trying to get tired so we can sleep. There's about 19 hours of daylight here, so I may have some trouble adjusting.
Well, that's all for today. I'm going to be taking many more photos tomorrow, since we'll actually be able to stop and walk around while we explore Skye. It's supposed to be about 60 degrees, and rainy tomorrow. Time to take out the rain gear!

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