Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Day 6: Rainy Castle Day

I can't believe we're already ending day number six.  Edinburgh is crazy! I'm so glad that Tami did all the driving. I don't know how well I would have done driving in this busy city. Today we went to two castles: Stirling Castle and Edinburgh Castle. And we got soaking wet! But the castles were fun. Here's Stirling Castle- the first castle we went to.

There were unicorns all over Stirling Castle! I guess they really believed in unicorns back then. Kinda cool!
 Then we went over to the Edinburgh Castle. It's actually not too far from our hotel, though we can't see it from here (unlike in Inverness, where we could see that castle from right outside our door). By the time we got to Edinburgh Castle, it was raining pretty good. I was so glad to have my rain boots and raincoat! Cari and I definitely did some puddle-splashing.

When we got to the Edinburgh Castle, we were hungry, so we went to Queen Ann's Restaurant in the castle. It was fun, and we all got coffee again to warm up. Tami got a macchiato, and it was really cute!

We stayed in the restaurant for a while, but the rain never let up so we just decided to deal with it and tour the castle. We got to see the crown jewels (not replicas!), and some other pretty stuff. The view of Edinburgh was gorgeous, with the foggy rain, and all of the city in the background.  The castle is up really high on a rock cliff, overlooking the city.

After all the walking around in the rain, we decided to call it a day and head back to the hotel. We pretty much spent all day at castles. We did stop at a store real quick for emergency M&M's. I bought an Elle magazine- it came with a free tank top! Or as they call them here, a vest.

Tomorrow, Cari is going to the Scottish Genealogy Society Library to see if she can find any family history relating to Buswell's. Mom and I will wander about, to see if we can find some cool shops. I want to look through some vintage shops! And hopefully it won't be pouring rain again..

That's all for today!

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