Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Day 7: Wandering Around Edinburgh

Today was a fun, but tiring day! Tami left to go home early this morning, and we had to switch hotels later in the morning (Bon Jovi is in town, and our hotel filled up before we could book our last two nights).

After breakfast, Cari took off to do some family tree research, and Mom and I went for a walk. We went into a Salvation Army, did some shopping in some vintage/consignment stores, and then met back at our hotel to grab our stuff.

Then we took a taxi over to our new hotel. It's nice! And it's right across the street from the Edinburgh Playhouse. We saw a musical tonight! It was Jekyll and Hyde. Very well done!!

 Afterward, we went to a small restaurant and had dessert. We were still too full from lunch to eat a real meal. There was a waiter there who sat down and talked to us for a while. He was fun to listen to! He said he knew we were Americans because we just ordered water to drink- I guess they call water "American Champagne" because we order that all the time.

I didn't take many photos today, even though it was a beautiful day. My mom and I did a lot of shopping, so there wasn't much to take photos of. I did buy a cool sweater at one of the vintage shops though. I'm excited to wear it! 

Tomorrow is our last full day in Scotland. I'm sad that we'll be leaving after tomorrow, because it's so beautiful here, but I'm also really anxious to be home again with Drew (though I'm definitely not excited to go back to work after almost 2 weeks off..). I think I did really well money-wise (I really didn't buy too many souvenirs), and I took around 1000 photos. I think this was a great experience, and I definitely want to come back to Scotland someday! 
I'll do one final update tomorrow, and then I'll be back home! I'll try really hard to take more photos tomorrow.
One of the roads we went walked up, and shopped

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