Thursday, June 23, 2011

Day 8: Shopping and Music

Well, it was our last full day in Scotland today.  The three of us spent the day wandering around Edinburgh, and we got to do some shopping in Princes Mall. I loooooved that mall! Every store I went into had the most amazing clothes! But, all I bought were some knee-high wool socks from H&M across the street. Go figure. Anyway, here's the mall if you want to check it out:

On the way to the mall, there was a man playing the bagpipes on the street. It was beautiful!! We watched him for a while before we went into the mall. 
We ate lunch at a place called The Slug and Lettuce. The food was really good! Though I was still full from dinner the night before. I've had a ton of good food here! I think my favorite was at the restaurant (I think it was called 27 or something like that...) in Inverness.
This afternoon we took a rest. We've done so much walking this whole trip, that my joints actually hurt! I might be getting old. So I did some reading (still reading Water for Elephants), and the resting time was much appreciated!
Walking about after resting, we stumbled across more kilts. :) They even played a little ACDC. 

We then decided to go out for dinner at one of the local pubs. One thing that I've really wanted to do here is go to a pub that has live Scottish music and dancing, so I could get some good photographs. We did see a place in Inverness, where there was music and people were packed all the way to the doorway. They had their arms around one another, singing and swaying to the music. But we hadn't the time to stop at that point.
Tonight we heard some lively music at the first pub we tried (Fiddlers Arms), but no one was dancing. So we decided to move along and get coffee at another place, called The White Hart Inn. A Scottish singer called Mac Polvo was there singing and playing guitar. That was really fun to listen to! He had a great voice, and a very obvious Scottish accent. No one was dancing around though, so I kind of missed out on that experience.

But on our way home, we ran across a few street performers. Yay, more kilts! But those photos are on my other memory card, and it's 11:00pm. We have to leave the hotel at 6:00am to take a cab to the airport. Then it's off to Newark again!

Ok, here's one more. He was singing a song about how you can't throw your granny off a bus. :)

Bed time for me- hope you've enjoyed my blog! When I get home, I'll try to go through and make sure I didn't leave out any important details. But until then,


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