Monday, July 11, 2011

Favorites from Scotland!

Hey again, all!
I just thought I should do one more blog post- of my favorite things from Scotland! I realized  my blog posts were written in a rush, so I wanted to make sure I didn't miss anything. I'm going to start with my favorite foods.

Like I said in my blog post from Day 3, the food from the restaurant, Number 27 (that's the name I couldn't think of...) was delicious! Here's the dessert we split.
Baily's Cheesecake
All of the food looked really fancy, but it was pretty reasonably priced!

I'd have to say that the restaurant in Portree (Bosville Hotel) had the best "cherry" coke. That's what I ordered anyway- it actually had black currant flavoring in it instead, and it was deliciously light!

The best coffee I had, would have to be from Pam's Coffee shop (from Day 5). Or maybe it was the mocha I had at Queen Ann's Restaurant in Edinburgh Castle...

Queen Ann's Restaurant
Enough about food. Now I'm going to post my favorite photos of my Mom, Tami and Cari. They were so fun to be around, and I'm so grateful that we could go on this trip together! It's kind of weird to think that we've never been on vacation together, especially just a girl-vacation, so I'm glad that we finally had the chance! So, here's my favorite photos of them:
Cari worked on a lot of family researching in Scotland. We were hoping to find a Scottish connection (we saw "Buswell" or "Boswell" a couple of times at a couple castles, but no evidence that we're directly related, or they weren't Scottish). She spent a lot of time and hard work doing the research!

Tami did all the driving (thank goodness!), and she also did most of the planning/organizing. Because of her, we were able to see a lot of castles, pretty mountains, and cities!

Mom (Patty)
 The whole girl-trip was a gift from my mom. She was the one who suggested that we go, and then she let us choose the place! She had back surgery a few months before the trip, so I think the trip was a bit hard on her, pain-wise, but she did really well, and definitely kept up with us! Thank you Mom!

My next favorite would have to be my favorite photo from the whole trip. This is a hard one, because I really love the seagull photo from Day 5, but because it's already posted, I'll leave that one out. Now I know this photo is pretty simple, and it may not mean anything to you, but as soon as I saw this picnic bench on the white pebble beach, I knew I had to take a photo of it. I've been playing with a few different ways to edit this one, but I think I've finally settled.
This bench was near a shop we stopped at, near Armadale Castle. I think I would hang this one on my wall, but it needs a little more work first.

Last but not least, my favorite location from the whole Scotland trip. This is tough too, because the whole trip was amazing, but I'd have to say Inverness was my favorite city. There was so much to look at, and I think it had the best vibe. Our hotel was nice (where else do you get to see a castle as soon as you walk outside?!), and most everything was within walking distance. There were unicorns, very old cemeteries and churches, great restaurants, music, and shopping!
A view from the shopping area

Our hotel, off of River Ness

A church- I forget which one
Well, again, thanks for following my blog! This was an experience that I won't soon forget, and I really want to take Drew there someday! The next time I go, the Isle of Lewis is first on my list. I think I'll have to get over my fear of ferry rides first though...

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